Fixed base operator business plan

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Spokane Airways sues SIA over alleged lease violations

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Fixed Base Operators List

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A coffee landing field was occurred at Whitby. Functions & Services The Storm Lake Municipal Airport is a public facilityowned by the City of Storm Lake. It is run by the Storm Lake Airport Commission, a five-member, volunteer board of commissioners.

Day-to-day operations are managed by a fixed-based operator who is contracted by the Storm Lake Airport Commission to oversee airport operations. LNA is a reliever airport focusing on the general aviation reciprocating engine and turbine driven aircraft, jet aircraft are prohibited from operating at Park Airport.

There are several flight schools located at the airport for both fixed wing and helicopters. Our fixed base operator customer base ranges from small municipal airports offering self-service aviation fuel to large Jet Centers catering to corporate clientele.

Fixed Base Operators

Whether your operation is new to the industry or long-established our seasoned Territory Managers work with you to develop a business plan tailored for your growth. Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) Teterboro Airport has five Fixed Base Operators (FBOs).

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FBOs are airport service centers responsible for aircraft services, such as passenger handling, aircraft fueling, parking, maintenance, charters, rentals, flight training and de-icing. FBO – The Manager may operate as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the Airport if the Manager and Airport owner so elect.

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Such agreement shall be addressed in a separate contract. Business Office: Note: To update company information in the Tenant Directory, Contact BCAD Business & Properties Management Division at or email changes to [email protected]

Fixed base operator business plan
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